bc im lazy

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good night guys i have to go somewhere in 6 hours lol


it’s 2am in manila and I’m sweating what the frick it feels like 32 degrees Celsius right now

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shirtless Clifford


Anonymous: It was Black Friday and it was like midnight and he was in Old Navy and yeah. He is vv pretty and he liked my filter on my phone. And his hugs are on point

ooOOhh send me the photo :D you’re so lucky omg how tall is he and what did he smell like?


fall (a luke hemmings one) by fivesaucewhoop and this by fivesaucewhoop… i think

yes this is one of my favorites!! I’m waiting for the updates actually so I need a new one to read :(

Anonymous: i met coltan haynes and he is vv pretty

WHAT HOW??? im jealous oh my gosh he’s prettier than me haha

guys send me good fanfics


People who think bassists and drummers are not important cannot be trusted


AU: During an interview each of the boys are asked to talk about yours and Ashton’s relationship, also known as the new “Young Hollywood Golden Couple” which has got the fan bases at war. 


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