...You are my sunshine
I care about you guys a damn lot :)
You mean the world to me :)! Xx
You guys are so fab.


Hello Beautiful

I track the tag hemmofficial

INACTIVE - I'm hella busy because of school


Hover over 5sos - they actually said those things to you :)


• Reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner

• Waiting for Teen Wolf S4 (screams)

• Waiting for Don't Stop EP and 5 seconds of Summer Album (eep)



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you guys probably don’t care but… I’M LEAVING TUMBLR!! kinda

I really do not have time to go to tumblr anymore with trying to keep my grades high and football and everything… IT’S TOO OVERWHELMING.


to all my friends, thank you for putting up with a lot of my crap. I’ll miss you a lot.

To my followers, thank you for accepting my blog for how it is.

To 5SOS, I’ll always support you <3 

Thank you, everyone. I love and I’ll miss you a LOT

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Amnesia Live 02.07.2014

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“ Real bands save fans, real fans save bands. ” - Michael Clifford

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Today, 7th of July, a star fell from the sky to shine on everyone around him. Ashton Fletcher Irwin, I’d never get tired to tell you how much you’ve helped me, how much you make me smile, and how much I love you. And yes, maybe you’ll never know about my existence, but only by existing you already light up all my world. Thank you, and happy birthday sunshine. Enjoy your 20 years because you deserve this and more !!

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 Happy 20th Birthday Ash! :)

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